Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bump It 2 - Baby it's Cold In Here....

This has been working on me for some time now, and those of you that know me have probably heard some of this before. But at the risk of repeating myself, and in order to bring to light what I believe is a huge waste of resources... please indulge me one more time.

At a time when money is tight, and schools in particular are facing massive budgets cuts, and the only folks around that seem to be getting a raise, are those in congress, I have to wonder why the schools find it necessary to keep their facilities sooooo cold?

Why does my eight grade daughter have to wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and take a sweatshirt to try and stay comfortable throughout the school day? Then ride home on a hot sweaty bus with no air conditioning.

How are we on one hand cutting programs, and teachers, and on the other find it necessary for the classrooms to closely resemble a meat locker? I suppose some of it has to do with reducing illness, and I can't speak to the effectiveness of this tactic, the bugs seem to run their course anyway.

Of course, this overly chilly tendency doesn't stop at school. Just about anywhere you go, it's comfortable outside, and you step through the doors of just about all restaurants, grocery stores, or movie theatres.... whamo!... instant goosebumps.

Why would a business keep it so cold that their customers are uncomfortable? As for the school, I suppose they would say people perform best at 68 degrees, or something like that. Did you know that there are some schools in Indiana that don't even have air conditioning yet? Is 74 degrees considered cruel and unusual punishment? (Try justifying this to our troops serving in 100+ temperatures).

Why when we project out our current global energy use, we can see that we have no way, and no plan to even remotely keep up with the rising demand... do we not do something that is so simple, and has so many benefits? Save energy, save money, make the students, faculty and customers more comfortable.

Can you imagine the energy/money saved if all businesses just bumped up the thermostat by two degrees?

So here is my challenge, to you the tax payer, to you the parents, to you the students, and to you the business owners... speak up! This is an electric bill that we all have to pay!

Dear Mister Walgreens, Meijer, Movie Theatre, Mr. Restaurant, you are wasting energy, making your customers and making your staff uncomfortable. Save energy, and increase your bottom line, by reducing your energy expenses... and bump your thermostat up two degrees!

Another quick note on this - Carly and I spent some time at Jefferson
Pointe Shopping Center and surveyed random customers. We asked a simple question - How would you describe the indoor temperature at Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Grocery Stores, and Schools?

A: Comfortable, Just Right
B: Too Warm
C: Too Cold

Without exception, every woman not only chose answer C, but almost all went on the describe how they freeze everywhere they go. Some that were heading into Rave theatre, said they had to bring jackets, blankets, and even socks to be comfortable during the movie. Has this happened to you?

And for those of you who are wondering, yes I practice what I preach... at my restaurant the thermomstats are set to 74 degrees.

Here's what you can do. Below this article you will see the option to leave a comment. Tell me your thoughts, but most importantly, tell me what places you think are unneccesarily cold. You can be anonymous, it doesn't matter to me. My girls and I will contact these companies and pass along the feedback. If you see the business name already listed, please don't hesitate to list it again.

Thanks for your interest and your participation, and thanks for helping us spread the word. If you think this topic has merit, please forward this link on to your friends.


  1. This is so true! My daughter wore jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a denim jacket to school today... and it's supposed to be 78 degrees! Definitely put the movie theaters on the list.... ridiculously cold!

  2. I think this cold business is a girl thing. Every woman I've ever known seems to be extra sensitive to cold. I read a theory about this phenomenon somewhere and it stated something to the effect that the fat distribution on the female body has something to do with it, as opposed to males who seem to have better insulation engineering. Maybe it's a caveman thing because we had to spend a lot of time outdoors finding dinner (pre-democrat era).

  3. for the anonymous man- i don't think it is just a girl thing. i've got a girl thing going on several times a day, they're called HOT FLASHES, yet i freeze my butt off in places like Rave, Meijer, Barnes and Noble (the worst offender).

  4. Dear Caveman, perhaps you are not keeping us warm at night...? Surely you are not complaining about our fat distribution? ;)

  5. Welcome Caveman..... I was wondering, are you the same caveman from the Geico Insurance commercials?

    Seriously, though... I do need to add that while some said the temperature was fine, and some said it was too cold... there was not a single man who said that it was too warm.

    It would seem to me, that if it was a more reasonable temperature, that there would be a few people who said, it's too warm.

    Also, I would agree that there is definitely something different between men and women in regards to comfortable temperatures. So I'm grateful that you guys can do a better job regulating yours.... that way you can go and shovel the snow! :)

    In any event, I just find when I am cold (last night at Chipotle... FREEZING in there) I'm am tense and by the end of the day I feel worn out. I had a friend yesterday that wrote and told me that he was at a conference.... and it was freezing and he was wearing a full suit. Who wants to sit around in that environment all day.

    Starting to feel like a grandma, as I now have officially taken a blanket to the movie theater! I hope I don't start knitting soon, too.