Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer, White Dinner Party, AllState 400 and Air Supply

This summer has been a bit different. Warm weather seems to have been the exception, not the rule. So much for global warming....

It looked as though it was going to be another stormy weekend, and then something glorious happened... a bright, sphere emerged in the sky, radiating warmth - it had been awhile - but I believe that is called the sun!
Heading out for a walk - we came upon a strange gathering of people, dressed in white from head to toe. From a distance I was a bit nervous, as it appeared that perhaps we had untentionally stumbled upon a wild toga party or a strange cult. As we got closer though, it was just a bunch of regular people, having a what is called a White Dinner Party.
Every year around mid June, a big open air white dinner party is organized somewhere in Paris. The fun part, is that its location is kept secret until the very last moment. Participants are asked to go to a certain spot and wait. 15 minutes before the actual start, they get a text message or a phone call that tells them where to gather.

Lucky for us, there were some kind attendees that brought us up to speed on what exactly was going on. Amy Pauszek and Tom Alverez were there enjoying the evening and the beautiful weather, and of course helping the dumbfounded, i.e. me!

It was a really unique event - some folks were casual, some were all decked out, some had lawn chairs and coolers, others had elaborately set tables with fine china, floral centerpieces and champaign. It was quite a sight!

This was Indianapolis's first attempt at emulating this Parisian tradition, and from the looks of it, it won't be difficult one to continue.

Walking until the sun went down, it was time for a bite to eat. Nothing makes me happier than a steak broiled at 1800 degrees, in butter, at Ruth Chris. There goes all the culture training that Amy and Tom just gave me at the White Dinner Party. Oh well, what can I say, I have a weakness for great steak! In any event, I started chatting with a gentlemen next to me at the bar.

Meet John Bachtell. Visiting from North Carolina to attend the Allstate 400 - John was here on an all expense paid trip that his friend won in a sweepstake. John told us all about their activities since they arrived, including getting to hang out with Kasey Kahne, and how they had been treated like royalty. Turns out his friend is a song writer for AirSupply.... you know.... "I'm all out love, I'm so lost without you..." John, an accountant, has decided to take a sebacle from numbers, and join his friend/songwriter Chris Padgett, and go on the road with the lead singer of AirSupply. What a cool experience that would be!

The more time I spend learning and talking to other people.... the more I realize three things:

1: There are lots of great, friendly, INTERESTING people!

2: There is a lot more that I have to experience and do with my life!

3: If you care to, you can make everyone you meet a friend! What a privilege.

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