Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain down in Africa

A friend sent this to me - the beginning of the song is a thunderstorm and is really cool - if you close your eyes - it's sounds just like a rain storm.

We are such creative beings - I am happiest and feel most content when I am creating something. I believe it is what we are on this earth to do. We never reach the point of finality - the point where we have done and seen and created everything that we can do. Our nature is to keep pushing forward - onward and upward. This is humanity - this is how God created us. This is why we must understand that the joy is not so much in reaching the destination, as it is about learning how to enjoy the journey.

This is a great example of someone having an idea and then finding a way - and I'm so grateful they did. Thanks for sharing this with me Donna.

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