Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Favorite Paratrooper!

Meet John Hesley - my favorite Paratrooper. Here's a picture of John, holding a prized possession that he brought in to share with me. John's responsibility, during WWII, was to train new paratroopers, before they went overseas.

John a WWII veteran, has two sons that serve our country. Steve and Stewart Hesley. Steve and Stewart are both civilians working for the Department of Defense, and are currently in Iraq.

The picture, John is holding, is of Stewart and his students. I guess we have some fancy new gun that are guys are using over there. Steve works on getting the new guns installed on the military vehicles, and like his dad, Stewart trains the troops, so they are prepared out in the field.

Stewart gets back to his family in about a month, and Steve has about 4 months to go!

Can't wait until everyone is home safely!

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