Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeffrey Gitomer Rocks it in New Orleans!

In order to find contentment in life, it is essential to live on purpose, and with a purpose. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "In all our contacts it is probably the sense of being really needed and wanted which gives us the greatest satisfaction and creates the most lasting bond."

I think this is true with close relationships, casual relationships, as it is for business relationships. Think about it, when you feel needed and wanted, you also feel valued. I'm quite certain that Jeffrey Gitomer has found contentment through this principle. Part of Jeffrey's mission statement is to provide value, and boy does he do that.

I've read Jeffrey's books, and they have had a profound impact on me. I have an immense amount of respect for his work, his sense of humor, and his attitude of graciousness and willingness to give what he refers to as "giving value first".

His writings have inspired me to do more, and become more. They have challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. They help me set the bar higher for myself, and gave me a confidence boost to take action.

Recently, I made up my mind to attend one of his seminars, and went about making plans to go to Chicago. At the last minute, it turned out that I had a conflict with my daughter's schedule, and wouldn't be able to attend. Disappointed to miss the opportunity, I was equally disappointed that all of Jeffrey's seminars, that had been relatively close by, had already taken place this year. I had resigned myself to trying again next year.

Through a series of events, that I can only refer to now as Serendipity for a number of reasons, I had the opportunity to attend a business conference in New Orleans. As luck would have it, Jeffrey was a speaker at the event.

I enjoyed the conference, and was really looking forward to Jeffrey's seminar. I brought one of my books with me, and was hoping that I could get him to sign it.

While searching out where lunch was going to be served, I happened across where Jeffrey's seminar was going to take place. After a moment, I noticed Jeffrey standing outside the meeting room.

As I approached, I wasn't sure what his reaction would be to being interrupted, and I wasn't quite sure from his body language, how open he would be to taking a moment to sign my book. What the hell... there was only one way to find out! Ask!

What transpired next touched me. This man who writes business books / personal development books - lives his beliefs out. His truths are demonstrated in his actions.

There are a lot ways my intrusion could have been handled, and I would have accepted many of them. But this man, through his demeanor, made it clear that before he is anything else - he is just another person. No better, no worse, no smarter, no more accomplished, no more important, than anyone else. Just unguarded, unrelenting, Jeffrey Gitomer - emmiting the unspoken expectation that he would accept you for you, because he expected
you to accept him for him.

For me, a two by four between the eyes of something I read in someone else's book just a day before, "Give yourself permission to become the person you were meant to be, and to stop trying to be the person you think others expect you to be." (I don't recall the name of this book, but will give credit where it is due shortly!) Ok - here it is: Never Fear, Never Quit - a story of courage and perseverence by Joe Tye).

Jeffrey was true to form, and true to the message he gives in his books - be a friend, give value first, and live your truth. That's how you become, and stay successful and content in life.

I was a fan before, but Jeffrey has turned that into something much more powerful, I am a friend. As a fan, I'll invest in his books, as a friend I am investing in Jeffrey, because he has demonstrated that he is willing to invest in me.

Jeffrey is a best selling author of many books, here's a few to check out:

I would also recommend Jeffrey's free weekly e-zine - You can sign up at .... and for those of you in Fort Wayne, Jeffrey also has a column that runs in Fort Wayne Business Journal.

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  1. Jeffrey is a ladies man. I saw him kissing a brunette girl at the Anaheim Hilton last year. The girl was beautiful I don't know if that was his girlfriend but I all I can remember that she was just stunning. Apparently he rocks in sales and with the ladies.

  2. Hi - Jeffrey's a charmer that's for sure! It's all sales when you think about it right...? :)

  3. Apparently! When I saw your picture it reminded me of that time I saw him. Next time I see him at an event I'm going to tell him I saw you locking lips with a beautiful brunette in Anaheim, who is she? I said to myself OMG look it's Jeffrey Gitomer all over that model like girl. I guess so or when you are successful and rich you can anything you want.

  4. Check out Jessica McDougall's blog. I follow her fashion blog. That's Jeffrey's girlfriend of 4 years. She's 30+ years younger than him. They just had a baby together about 4 months ago. Lots of great pictures of Jeffrey with his baby daugter and with Jessica.

  5. Hey thanks Lisa, I'll do that. I saw pictures of his little girl, she is adorable.

    Have a great weekend - Marika

  6. Marika cute picture with Jeffrey. I have been to numerous of his seminars in Jersey. His story is so amazing everything he has been through that he shares in his books bankruptcy, throat surgery and many more things. And I noticed Gregory's comment on Jeffrey kissing a girl that's funny. I have heard very similiar stories about Jeffrey.

    On another note someone posted a link to Jessica's blog I use to follow Jessica's blog but then I questioned her fashion photo from when she is wearing Jeffrey's shirt and it looks like she just woke up I don't believe that is true style at all to me that is just plain laziness if you ask me. Well she deleted my comment and never responded maybe she needs some SALES BALLS or better yet STYLE BALLS.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Has Jeffrey always had a column in Fort Wayne or is that new? Jeffrey is a total ladies' man LOL! I just checked out his girlfriend's blog, it's great except for today's style of the day needs to improve.

  8. Hi Susanna - I really don't know how long Jeffrey's column has been picked up in Fort Wayne Business Journal. I know it doesn't appear in the Indianapolis Business Journal, so in a way FW is on the cutting edge! (about time, right?) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Marika

  9. Congrats on connecting with Jeffrey. He is the man! I subscrite to sales caffeine and own all of his books.

    Do you still keep in touch with him? Interesting comments, my girlfriend told me that Jeffrey was flirting with her at one of his events. I thought it was funny. I'm pretty flattered.

  10. Hey Mark -

    We have. He has a great deal of knowledge and wisdom... and you can never have enough friends like that!

    Another great author, if your interested, is Andy Nulman - Pow Right Between the Eyes. I really got a lot out of his book and insights. He has also demonstrated that he is a very personably, real, regular person, which makes me respect him even more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Marika Hamilton

  11. WOW! I love his content, but he asked me to go to his room after a seminar once...oh well. He appears to be quite the ladies man. Good for him, just not my type.