Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Even Heroes Need Groceries...!

While doing some errands today, Carly and I ran into Tom Moss at the grocery store. We stopped to say hello and thank you.

Tom Moss is a WWII veteran. He served on the USS LSM 156 (Landing Ship Medium). The USS LSM 156 was in service from August 1944 to April 1946. It was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and participated in the Okinawa Gunto operation (assault and occupation of Okinawa)Notice the number after the USS LSM - there were literally hundreds of these ships all filled with guys like Tom.

Most of these guys are in their 80's now, and they are going quickly. I think I may have just started a new hobby - I am going to stop everyone I see in a hat like Tom's so I can say hello and thank you - and snap a picture of a great generation.


  1. What a great idea, you are such a caring person. Too bad everyone doesn't feel that way about all our military. There's is a hard life with a low salary,many of the families use food stamps yet the men and women work days on end, gone from home for months to years at a time, leaving the spouse (if they stick around) and kids to make it without them. As one of those wives, it is a good life, I would do it again, but it is hard and you must LOVE your spouse and be proud of what they are doing for our country and for us to have the freedoms we enjoy. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. It was a really nice thing for you to do Marika.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!, That means a lot coming from your Bev. Thank you for the sacrifices that your family makes.... it is appreciated. Marika

  3. Marika, what a novel heart-warming endeavor you and Carly are taking. I wish I had been in the military as I think back. My uncle was in Vietnam and I hold him in the highest regard and more should be done for Vet. Bautz had given me your website and I run also...might see you at a race sometime or JJs.....eddie

  4. Hi Eddie -

    Thanks for your comments. Carly has said several times that she would like to join the Army. I asked her why and she said to help protect our country. That meant a lot to me.

    Look forward to seeing you around... heading out for a run shortly!

    Have a great day! Marika

  5. My Dad was in World War II. He had a heart attack when I was young and passed away. I recall several fellow WWII Vets stopping by our home to visit my Dad when I was growing up. Although these relationships had been developed in times of war and years had passed, time stood still in terms of the brotherhood my Dad felt for those he served with. He never discussed his experiences with us...but, as his son...I was always proud that my Dad served. My Mom who is now 82 recently gave me some photos of my Dad in Japan during the war. She also gave me some pictures of my Dad with those men he served with in Hawaii and Miami. A young man just over 18 years old...experiencing and living more in a few short years than many of us take in during our life-time. I have a nephew who recently joined the military and we keep have exchanged correspondences during his boot camp. Soon, he will receive his orders...I hope he has a guardian angel watching over him...and am thankful for his courage and desire to serve his country.

  6. Hi there - thank you so much for sharing your story. It is touching to hear the obvious admiration and pride in your voice.

    My Nephew in the last year or two join the Air Force - he is the first member of my family, with the exception of my Grandfather who was a British soldier in WW11.

    These guys are very important. I loved what you wrote above... they have experienced more in a few short years than any of us do in a lifetime.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing - if you get some of those photos scanned in - please send me a couple. They mean a lot to me. Just last week a WW11 vet gave me an 8"x10" black and white of a paratroop jump. I am so pleased to get to share those memories.

    Thanks again and please keep in touch.

    Marika Hamilton