Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone.... New Release 3.0 ... When

Well the day is here.... the day where the iPhone's cult like following is awaiting the newest software release...

I like my iPhone, there is no doubt about it that Apple is ahead of the curve in so many ways, but
my observations have been that
for every iPhone user like me that "like" it... there are many more who seem to live or die over these updates. What a powerful brand, and if anyone deserves the brand recognition and following... Apple does.

I am not following the updates like a true Apple (affectionately named) Geek... but I am sure am hoping that picture text messages and video are part of this update. A complete surprise to me after I bought my phone... What do you mean I can't send picture messages...? I think I asked that question to about 5 different people because I just couldn't believe with all the cool stuff that the iPhone did... that it couldn't send a picture message.

Well sit tight my friends, because no one but the folks at Apple know what time the upgrade will be release... but it is supposed to happen today!
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  1. are you calling me a geek? And if you wanted to know the time you could have asked me..........

    between 5-7 p.m.