Friday, May 29, 2009

What's the deal with the sign...?

Well, I'm not going to disclose my twisted personal reasons for this sign, as it would only serve to provide evidence of what you probably have already assessed... I'm a slice or two away from a complete sandwich...
I will share this:

Buying the sign. Pretty easy to do - couple clicks on Sam's Club website, and it was delivered to my door. Wow that sucker is big up close!
Not being the most mechanically inclined, I struggled (would you like relish with that?) with the assembly.... and moving it.. oh my. With the assistance of the JJ's dream team we got it done.
Once assembled and positioned... now what? I decided I would put a quote on there from Winston Churchill. "Never. Never. Never Give Up". Quickly it became apparent that "V's" were in short supply. I decided to edit it down and simply write "Never. Never Give Up." Perfect I thought... or at least close enough.

End of story. No - of course not. Almost issued as challenge from God himself, my sign was blown over in a storm and tweaked in a tragic manner when it was just 4 days old. My "never give up" sign lay on the side of the road twisted and torn - and with my wallet already $300 invested in this very public fortune cookie - I had some decisions to make.

After picking up the pieces, reinforcing the sign and cleaning up the mess, I was back in business again. "Never Give Up." That seemed more appropriate than ever - so I went to put that back on the sign. However that same blasted storm removed several letters, from my already limited inventory.... and most devastatingly... a couple of "V's". That just left me with writing "Give Up.". Not quite the message that I wanted to communicate.

I would like to get some additional letters, but for now I'm already $400 on the sign (with repairs) and the letters would set me back another $60. Until then, I will have to work at being brief and to the point, and for those of you that know me.... that's destined to be a challenge, and perhaps the real lesson that God wants me to learn.

Well, Winston how about this?:


  1. Great story, Marika! So happy to meet you, albeit digitally. Happier still to justify your existence (although if you can think like you do above, you need no justification, just open-minded, appreciative understanding). Thanks for your kind words and support. Stay connected and keep Surprisin' 'em!


    P.S. Was that you on the Pow! hotline earlier today?

  2. Andy..... Pow! Hotline...? I don't know... maybe... I'm not sure what the hotline is... perhaps I'm such a natural... I can even surprise myself!?!

  3. You'll understand soon enough, mah dear! Until then...

  4. Is this where the "patience is a virtue" crap kicks in? Silly Rabbit Trix are for kids! What the heck was the premise of that commercial anyway? The rabbit can have the cereal, he just has to be patient....? what?

    A tragic glimpse inside my mind...? Yes, I'm afraid so. Wish I could say it was too much caffeine, ... but that's just how my wheel turns.

    Well off for run... albeit grudging this afternoon.